How do I query a custom entity by type?

We're having an issue where we cannot query by _type e.g. FIND <_type>

example: FIND ExampleCVE

results: 0

example: FIND Finding with _type = 'ExampleCVE'

results: many

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    JSONJ mod
    Answer ✓
    The _type of an entity must be snake_case. The shorthand Find ExampleCVE basically equals Find * with _class = ‘ExampleCVE’ because ExampleCVE is in TitleCase.

    You’ll want to reupload the entities into J1 by rerunning the sync job and changing the type to example_cve for example. See the docs here:

    ”... snake_case word tells the query to search for assets of that type (such as aws_account, aws_security_group, aws_internet_gateway, aws_instance, aws_iam_user, okta_user, user_endpoint)” 

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