How do I gather evidence for CIS GCP Control: 3.9?

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I'd like to gather evidence for the following control. How would I do that? None of my "google_compute_ssl_policy" have a profile of "CUSTOM" if that makes it easier. Control: 3.9 Ensure no HTTPS or SSL proxy load balancers permit SSL policies with weak cipher suites


  • chjlarson
    chjlarson ✭✭✭✭
    Per CIS Google Cloud Platform Foundation Benchmark v1.2.0:"Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) policies determine what port Transport Layer Security (TLS) features clients are permitted to use when connecting to load balancers. To prevent usage of insecure features, SSL policies should use (a) at least TLS 1.2 with the MODERN profile; or (b) the RESTRICTED profile, because it effectively requires clients to use TLS 1.2 regardless of the chosen minimum TLS version; or (3) a CUSTOM profile that does not support any of the following features: "
    Since none of your ssl policies have a profile of CUSTOM that should make the query a bit easier to craft. The following query should find entities that fail the first 2 criteria (a and b):
    FIND google_compute_ssl_policy with profile!="RESTRICTED"  
      OR (profile!="MODERN" AND minTLsVersion!="TLS_1_2" ) 
      THAT HAS (google_compute_target_https_proxy | google_compute_target_ssl_proxy) 

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