JupiterOne and Splunk: Protect Your Entire Attack Surface Without Complexity

samandrus admin
edited June 2022 in Product Announcements
Most systems grow in complexity over time, and this trend intensifies as the number of cloud-first environments and point solutions added to handle this complexity grows. As this complexity grows, so does your attack surface.

JupiterOne and Splunk Security enable you to protect your operations as they scale by giving you a detailed view of your environment and anything that could be posing a risk to your attack surface. Limiting unnecessary complexity helps minimize the attack surface and protect your assets from malicious actors.This partnership will enable:
  • Joint customers to quickly and easily navigate both, the situational data and the structural data, across all cyber assets to understand any alert or attack surface
  • Complete structural and situational awareness across all of your cyber assets to optimize and automate SecOps
More details about the JupiterOne Add-On and App for Splunk, including the ability to install them in your own Splunk instance are on Splunkbase.

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