Hi, how can I find all the relationships between awsinstances and their awsaccounts?

I am trying to write some queries based on relationships between aws<em>instances</em> and their awsaccounts, but I am stuck on the relationships between them and the aws_ec2 services. In particular, I don't understand the results of this query "find awsec2 that !has awsaccount limit 10". This returns some awsec2 services that don't have a relationship to an aws_account. I don't understand how an AWS service can not be related to an account, can you help?


  • dcpeach
    dcpeach ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi, I suspect other relationships besides has exist, can you please try running
    find awsec2 that relates to as a awsaccount 
    return a._type

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