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The Ask J1 community is built from a growing number of security practitioners from around the world with different backgrounds. Everyone is important here. We want all community members to feel welcome and know this is a place where they’re supported and can feel comfortable growing. 


All members of the Ask J1 community are expected to follow the AskJ1 Community Code of Conduct. It applies to  includes users, contributors, admins, moderators, and other participants.

The Ask J1 Code of Conduct applies to the Ask J1 forum and all other JupiterOne sponsored community initiatives, including but is not limited to the JupiterOne application, website, social media, YouTube channel, and podcast. The Ask J1 Code of Conduct also applies to all official and unofficial JupiterOne events, including our webinars, user conferences, meetups, training, and workshops.

The JupiterOne Ask J1 Community Code of Conduct additionally shall apply to any JupiterOne online space, including Slack, forums, websites, libraries, repositories, mailing lists, and more. The Ask J1 Code of Conduct applies to private correspondence between members in these online communities, including direct messages and private huddles.

Creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment is everyone’s responsibility. 

Our Standards

JupiterOne is dedicated to providing a harassment-free community for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, age, physical appearance, religion, race, national origin, or any other personal characteristics.

JupiterOne has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of community users in any public or private form. Harassment includes, but is not limited to: harmful or prejudicial verbal or written comments, inappropriate use of nudity, sexual images, and sexually explicit language. Harassment also includes threats of physical harm, threats of non-physical harm, intimidation, leering, stalking, photography or recordings without consent, sustained disruptive behavior, inappropriate contact, and unwelcome sexual, threatening, or non-consensual attention.

Spam, trolling, baiting, or other attention-seeking behavior, and/or any other communication we may deem inappropriate, unproductive, or unlawful are unwelcome and will not be tolerated.

Community Guidelines 

All members of JupiterOne communities are asked to follow our guidelines. We have created a clear code of conduct to establish clear expectations for an environment that's inclusive and supportive of everyone. 

Be Respectful - Everyone should be aware of their behavior and wording at any time, including all users, facilitators, and moderators. Everyone who participates in the community should feel welcome, so it’s important to communicate and behave in a way that encourages respectfulness and transparency. 

Communicate Carefully - Listen carefully and think before you speak or type to help foster an environment where everyone can contribute and grow, regardless of their language, background, or experience level.

Be Aware - Remember, your actions can impact others and the community space. Please try and act in a way that fosters a safe, supportive, and productive community and cooperates with others. 

Ask Questions, Share Experience - The Ask J1 Community was created to facilitate the exchange of support and knowledge between practitioners. Don’t hesitate to ask questions since there’s a good chance you can benefit the entire community by asking. Please don’t hesitate to share your knowledge and experience, either, since individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to be active community members.

Harassment is Not Tolerated - JupiterOne has a zero tolerance policy for public or private harassment of other community members. Many examples of harassing behavior are listed above, but should not be deemed all-inclusive. When in doubt, leave it out. 

Reporting Violations

JupiterOne strives to create a valuable, enjoyable experience for everyone in our community. Harassing others or any behaviors that violate our code of conduct can diminish the community experience for everyone. 

If someone is making you or another community member feel unwelcome or unsafe, we encourage you to share this experience with us as soon as possible so we can take action. Please include as much information as you’re comfortable sharing in your report. If you see something, say something. 

Violations to the Community Code of Conduct

JupiterOne does not tolerate harassment or unwelcoming behavior from any community member, including users, members, employees, sponsors, partners, event organizers, or others with permissions to communicate publicly and privately.

You are expected to comply immediately with any requests to stop unacceptable behavior. JupiterOne community moderators reserve the right to take action in response to inappropriate behaviors, which can include both temporary and permanent bans from the community with or without warning. 

How to Report a Violation

If you see someone abusing the guidelines, please do the following to report it:

1. Click the Flag icon in the lower left of the post
2. Choose one of the following options:

  • Report 

  • Spam

  • Abuse

A moderator will review the flagged content and take appropriate action.

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