Gitlab Owner permissions not showing projects in J1.

Hi, I need some help troubleshooting my integration between JupiterOne and Gitlab.

When I use JupiterOne to run Gitlab queries, I am not able to see any of my Gitlab projects among the query results.

For more context, we created the JupiterOne and Gitlab integration using the "Gitlab owner" permissions, which is the highest possible permissions for an integration.

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  • BrendanQuinn_J1
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    Sometimes, it can be helpful to delete an integration and reinstall if other troubleshooting approaches haven't worked. We also recommend trying the following:

    In JupiterOne:
    1. Click the "Configuration" gear icon in the right menu grid
    2. Select Integrations.
    3. Scroll to the GitLab integration tile and click it.

    Within the Gitlab integration tile in JupiterOne:
    1. Click the "Add Configuration" button and configure the following settings:
    2. Enter the Account Name by which you’d like to identify this GitLab account in JupiterOne. (Ingested entities will have this value stored in tag.AccountName if you check the option to "Tag with Account Name")
    3. Enter a Description that will further assist your team when identifying the integration instance.
    4. Select a Polling Interval that you feel is sufficient for your monitoring needs. You may leave this as DISABLED and manually execute the integration.
    5. Enter the Personal Access Token configured for read access in GitLab.
    6. Enter the API Base URL of your self-managed GitLab instance.
    7. Click "Create Configuration" once all values are provided.

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